Friday, January 14, 2005

Looks Like Super Bowl Munchies to Me

Again from my "beat reporter" Marcia. I have never seen Velveeta rolled out like this but ... it's Velveeta so I'm sure it can take it. This looks like just the thing to make for our Super Bowl "junk food" celebration ... I'm thinking I'll go with the cumin and chili powder seasonings.

You can make it ahead and freeze it to have to pull out of the freezer when you need something quick. Needs to be made a bit ahead so the flavors can meld.

Cheese Log

1 lb. Velveeta cheese ( let stand until at room temperature)
6 oz. cream cheese (also at room temp)
several chopped green onions 5 or 6
1 can chopped green chiles
1 cup chopped pecans

Seasonings to sprinkle on top of other ingredients, to your taste.
garlic powder
lemon pepper
seasoned salt
cumin (if you like it)
chili powder
little red pepper
chopped parsley, fresh if you have it

Roll out the Velveeta between wax paper as you do with pie dough, then spead softened cream cheese on the Velveeta then spread the chopped green onions, green chiles and pecans, sprinkle with all the seasonings and roll as tightly as possible. Serve with Triskets. I ordinarily do a 2 lb . cheese and cut the roll in 4 or 5 inch sections and freeze some for later. Wrap in foil to freeze.

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