Saturday, May 09, 2009

Weekend Joke

From Dr. Boli's Celebrated Magazine.
Dear Dr. Boli: I just bought some “chicken tenders” in the meat department of the Foodland, and I was wondering: What part of the chicken is the “tender”?—Sincerely, A Curious Shopper.

Dear Sir or Madam: The chicken tender is not part of the chicken: it is the person who takes care of the chickens, as of course its name implies. Dr. Boli does not ordinarily attempt to dictate in matters of taste, but he would return that meat if he were in your position and still had the receipt.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Mouth Wide Open ...

... breaking away from Uncle Tom's Cabin for an episode to give us all a break, we continue with some selections from Mouth Wide Open. Pick it up at Forgotten Classics.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Food Network's new blog and "Food2 Freebie Friday"

From the mailbag:
I would like to exclusively introduce you to, from the minds behind Food Network. A web experience that gives a fresh take on everything in the world of food & drink. In addition, video, challenges, recipes, tips and a blog.

Hungry for more? I also wanted to give you a heads up about our very first giveaway, called "Food2 Freebie Friday." Only for tomorrow, give Food2 a shout out in your blog or friend us on Facebook or follow us and Twitter. And you could be randomly rewarded with some awesome food2 goodies like t-shirts, gift baskets and more.

How easy is that!
Pretty darned easy, I must say.

Not having cable, I've never watched the Food Network but the site looks worth perusing. And, of course, a food giveaway is never a bad thing is it? Check it out.