Friday, May 01, 2009

Food Network's new blog and "Food2 Freebie Friday"

From the mailbag:
I would like to exclusively introduce you to, from the minds behind Food Network. A web experience that gives a fresh take on everything in the world of food & drink. In addition, video, challenges, recipes, tips and a blog.

Hungry for more? I also wanted to give you a heads up about our very first giveaway, called "Food2 Freebie Friday." Only for tomorrow, give Food2 a shout out in your blog or friend us on Facebook or follow us and Twitter. And you could be randomly rewarded with some awesome food2 goodies like t-shirts, gift baskets and more.

How easy is that!
Pretty darned easy, I must say.

Not having cable, I've never watched the Food Network but the site looks worth perusing. And, of course, a food giveaway is never a bad thing is it? Check it out.

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