Friday, January 21, 2005

Ingredient Alert


First, we artfully blend the highest quality Durum and Semolina flour—locally milled especially for us—with fresh eggs and premium herbs and spices. Then we remain true to Marcella Hazan's original advice as we roll the dough over and over again, producing pasta with superb flavor and sublime, velvety-fresh texture.

So that explains it! All I knew was that Al Dente Egg Fettucine are the best tasting egg noodles I've ever had. A friend of Hannah's loves them so much that whenever she is having dinner with us I know I'll be hearing that hopeful question, "Are we having those special noodles?" I have tried the flavored pastas and they are good, although with all the purists in this household, plain old egg noodles remain the favorite. They seem to be in all the grocery stores around here so if you see them pick up a package and see if they become your "special noodles."

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