Monday, January 03, 2005

Black Eyed Pea Redemption

My good friend Marcia has the solution to my thinking that black eyed peas taste like dirt. She's a life long Texan so I think I can trust her on this and it does sound delicious. Maybe a black eyed pea salad is in my future ...
FYI....I have a blackeyed pea recipe for you to try....wash canned in colander, add chopped avocado, green onions chopped and chopped tomatoes....cilantro if you like it and salt and pepper....If you like fresh jalepanos, seed, de-membrane and then finely chop and add to mixture.......then pour catalina salad dressing and toss...leave in frig for a few hrs. or overnight to let flavors meld....I love it....maybe you won't taste dirt!!! when serving add little fritos.. it's a treat, I promise!

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