Thursday, January 20, 2005

How About a Little Dinner with Your Politics?

Dear me, did your tickets to today's re-coronation and inaugural luncheon get lost in the mail too? Pity. Look what we missed...

... Quail eggs, I've heard, are delish, but roasted quail sounds rather too delicate and timid. Wouldn't our beloved warmonger prefer steak tartare? Or a big, beefy filet mignon? Or Cheney favorite, Rocky Mountain Oysters?

Gee, here I thought that food blogs were about ... well, food. I thought this was one place where you could relax and not worry about politics, except perhaps the politics of high cuisine versus home cooking. Guess not. It's all really just one more chance to stick it to the man.

UPDATE: I see that the Accidental Hedonist dropped by and linked here. Which was very exciting and I thank her! She also took that opportunity to deliver a little primer on the fact that blogs are for whatever we want them to be and that it is well within a food blogger's right to write about politics rather than food. Ah yes, I totally agree ... as anyone who drops by my other blog will soon realize. And which is why I exercised that very right in doing this post in the first place ... to mention my discovery and express my dismay that the foodie world is not the nirvana I thought.

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