Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Ingredient Alert

I don't usually buy salad dressing (I swear I'm going to put our favorite Spicy Caesar Dressing recipe on here ... eventually). However, when I was at the Central Market my eye was caught by HEB brand Texas Twist Dressings. I bought some Fire Roasted Salsa Dressing to go with Rose's Mexicana Chicken. This is a true sign of how much I trust HEB that I'd get it at all.

Rose liked it by itself and could see this dressing as a dip for vegetables but didn't like it on a green salad. No problem. Tom and I both liked it enough to fight over what she left (we wound up splitting it).

I remember a Peppercorn Blue Cheese Dressing also out of the four or five types available. I don't know if regular HEB stores have this but I would guess so as it didn't have any sort of special Central Market label. Just possibly we many now have the convenience of a bottled dressing for those times when I haven't got my own made.

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