Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Wandering around Half Price Books this weekend I came across two great deals. The first was Matt Martinez' Culinary Frontier ... a book I'd been looking for ever since checking it out of the library and falling in love with the simplicity of his techniques. I discovered it after the book was out of print and I guess a lot of people liked it because buying a used copy was going to set me back over $40. Not gonna happen ... and the library has the book, right? Except then, the library lost their copy so I'd been searching ever since. The copy I snatched up was $12.95. Yep. So the binding was a little broken right behind the title page, who cared? Not me!

The second great find was a pristine copy of American Pie which I'd been rereading for $6 ... at least the library still had a copy of this one. After the above experience of finding I can't count on the library to keep MY favorite cookbooks I have changed my policy. If I like a cookbook enough to reread or re-cook out of one then I buy it ... not trusting to cruel fate any more. Anyway, I foresee pies in the future for 2005.

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