Thursday, December 22, 2005

Separating the Sheep From the Goats

I have said all along that this is not a true cooking blog, being more of the back room for my main blog.

If I ever needed proof of that, all I had to do was read this rant excoriating food sections for using stock photography and praising food blogs for doing original photography. Whatever. Because original photography makes the blog credible? To me it's about the writing not the photos. I wouldn't care if food blogs never had photos frankly.

In fact this little bit may have been about this spot.
UPDATE: I now know of one food blog that also uses stock photographs. I won't mention their name or URL here. I will say that it's not one that get's mentioned a lot.
Very polite and nice not to name me, if so. And if this isn't that blog, well, then there are two people who don't care to take home photos of their food when a stock photo represents something just as well.

Here's the deal. It's very freeing having no street cred anyway with the food bloggers. So I use stock photography when I even remember to put up a photo. They're the sheep. I'm a goat. That's ok. They care. I surely don't.

Just another brick in the wall that means this is not a true cooking blog.

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