Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Projected Tea Enjoyment

In a well-adjusted family most members enjoy their tea made in the same way: same strength, same temperature, same amount of milk and so forth. This shared family 'tea policy' is most often seen in families that use a teapot. When there is a difference of opinion between parents one or other usually wins out, and the other gradually learns to drink their tea differently. This very act of capitulation only fuels our idea that everyone not only could be made to drink tea as we like it but should drink tea as we like it. There are many common consequences of this:
  • People don't bother asking how you like your tea, assuming you'll drink whatever they give you with relish.
  • They do ask you how you like your tea but then totally ignore anything you tell them, thinking that you're bound to enjoy their tea better.
  • They ask you and then violently disagree, pointing out all the reasons why you are wrong and misguided.
  • They try to make it as you have requested but get it all wrong, either maliciously or through ineptitude.
  • They tell you to make your own tea, not from compassion but because they can't stand to make it in the degenerate way you have suggested.

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