Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Mystery of the Rich Tea Biscuit Solved

The Rich Tea presents us straight away with a paradox. If these are 'Rich' Tea, where are the 'Poor' Tea biscuits and what on earth do they taste like? Well, they would have to be fairly ropey old affairs because the Rich Tea itself is not exactly a self-contained one-biscuit flavour festival...

What flavour it does manage to achieve comes from the various sugars in its recipe -- sucrose, maltose and some glucose -- plus a little bit of salt. So what are they good for? Dunking, of course. The Rich Tea can drive even the staunchest anti-dunker to dunk.
Aha! I made the mistake of believing the "rich" part of the name and buying a package of these at Central Market. It was like eating some crunchy cardboard. I couldn't imagine who would buy these or why. The dogs liked them but they made very expensive dog treats and, as we all know, dogs will eat practically anything regardless of the actual flavor. At least now I have the whole picture, although, not being a dunker I will continue abstaining from the Rich Tea biscuit.

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