Monday, August 08, 2005

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... Nicey And Wifey's Nice Cup Of Tea And A Sit Down by (who else?) Nicey and Wifey. You can get a good dose of Nicey and Wifey's love of tea, biscuits and a sit down by visiting their site. For the full hit of that delightfully understated but hilarious British humor, as well as good pointers for tea and biscuits, read their book where it is all pulled together. This excerpt is from their most recent biscuit review on their site and gives you a taste of Nicey's charm.
Now straight away I'll cut to the chase and tell you why we have over looked these biscuits for so long. It was simply their name that put me off. Yes I know that's a poor reason but I'm sure it's true. You see despite the biscuits having obvious qualities, made by Fox's, that golden crunchy biscuit they do so well, chocolate covered and cream up the middle, I couldn't get past the name. Even for Fox's Classic seemed a bit presumptuous. How was it a classic? I thought of classics of fields of human endeavor, such as art, engineering and entertainment and tried to square this with the world of biscuits. Surely the Bourbon or the Rich Tea are classics. This rather complex chocolate bar wannabe was surely too contrived to merit such a name. And so I passed it by time after time, like somebody who frequents the same places as you and yet have never spoken to.
Why buy the book when you can visit the site? That is a good question. It probably helps that Tom's years of London living has made him a connoisseur of British cookies (biscuits) and he has passed that obsession knowledge on to me. In turn, of course, the girls have become addicted knowledgable as well. So I know most of these biscuits personally and enjoy Nicey's writing style (as well as Wifey's little comments along the way). Also it can't be denied that it is very handy having it all put together in one spot where it can easily be read in bed promoting sweet dreams after I drop off to sleep. That's my reason anyway. At the very least drop by and try the website. If you get hooked as I did, then you'll have to come up with your own reason to buy the book.

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