Friday, July 29, 2005

Okra Anyone?

I love okra but the rest of my family does not so I sadly exist okra-less. However, my good friend, Marcia, sent me this recipe that looks so different from any I have seen that I am going to try it and see if the much longed for "okra conversion" could happen.
I've been shopping at the farmer's stands at the farmer's market and buying only little okra...the larger ones are too tough....little new 'taters...and noonday, vidalia, or 10/15 small onions.


Equal parts of all of the above.

Microwave the washed potatoes until 3/4 cooked, about 7 minutes, cool enough to be able to slice.

Wash and chop the okra, removing only the stem end.

Slice onions thinly.

Put enough olive oil in iron skillet to cover the bottom. Medium heat.

Fry all of the veggies starting first with the okra, add the potatoes after you have turned the okra once, add the onions after the first two veggies have been turned and stirred together.

Salt and pepper after all ingredients are in pan. It may be necessary to add a little more oil as the dish is cooking. Serve as soon as all veggies are cooked and a little crusty.

Marcia notes:

I like to add a couple of pieces of uncooked, chopped bacon with the potatoes as it is cooking for a great flavor! We also like a little garlic salt. Enjoy!

This is NOT a slimy okra dish. My kids loved it even when they were little and they all serve it to their families as a favorite Mom dish now!

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