Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Michael or Ralph?

Ok, we finally finished watching the tape from Monday's Hell's Kitchen. Did anyone but Jessica not know that she was so outclassed in trying to do anything in the kitchen? I loved seeing Ralph and Michael really turn on the energy and zoom around the kitchen getting everything together.

It was fun to see the families show up. The girls were astounded at Ralph's fiancee's beauty ... until she spoke. Then it was clear that they were well matched. Michael's adorable little wife (tatoos and all) seemed perfect for him. And, then we had Jessica's girlfriend. Ahem, well, I'll skip over the "ick" factor in the full-face kissing upon reunion.

The way they propose to end the show with each guy essentially having his own restaurant is really great. Although I can't say that we were surprised to see the kitchen rejects straggle back in to be the crew. It isn't as if any other reality show has ever done that. Oh nooooooooooo, of course not!

So next week should be good. You'll know when we're watching it because you'll hear the chanting from our house ... "Michael, Michael, Michael..."

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