Monday, July 11, 2005

Eggs Benedict

"I sing the praise of Hollandaise,
A sauce supreme in many ways.
Not only is it a treat to us
When ladled on asparagus,
But I would shudder to depict
A world without Eggs Benedict."

—Ogden Nash

In honor of St. Benedict's feast day and also of Pope Benedict XVI (since he took Benedict as a name), we'll be having the only logical celebration dish ... Eggs Benedict.

My father used to make this fairly frequently for weekend breakfasts and until I left home I never realized how good he was at it. I rarely have had its equal anywhere else. It is easy to toast the English muffin and heat the Canadian bacon to put atop it. Poaching an egg ... not too hard. But the Hollandaise Sauce. That is the key to the entire dish. I have never made it before and will be using a basic recipe from those I perused. I'll let y'all know tomorrow how it turned out ... and provide the recipe.

Until then, you can check out possible sources of the dish, as well as get the scoop on that fabulous sauce.

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