Thursday, February 28, 2008

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The Pioneer Woman Cooks Apple Dumplings
Now, I don't really care about apple dumplings much but she had me at the can of Mountain Dew. I am a sucker for those sorts of recipes. I know it's a weakness, a failing ... right up there with my love of (Velveeta) ... but I can't help it!

Inspector Chen, Shanghai Gourmet
World Foodie Guide has a good overview of this mystery series' focus on food. I can't remember but I think I may have tried Death of a Red Heroine ... perhaps if I try the second book in the series, when the food writing really gets going ...

Kids Make Butter
Slow Cook, one of my cooking blog finds of last year, has been running an occasional series about teaching kids to cook. This was a rather nostalgic read for me as my mother used to make butter for the household. Granted she did it using our KitchenAid mixer instead of a whisk, but the principle is the same.

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