Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summertime and the livin' ain't easy in ...

Somehow I didn't get the premiere taped last week but Fox showed it before this week's episode and we caught up last night. Just a few things stand out so far:
  • We have never seen any kitchen team get their service finished on the second evening of serving, much less finish the service for the other kitchen.
  • We were so happy to see egotistical, backstabbing Tiffany leave.
  • We couldn't believe that Rock didn't nominate Aaron. Was it that he was trying to eliminate possibly better competition? It seems that it would have been a kindness to send Aaron home. He really can't take any pressure at all.
  • Gordon Ramsay showed a newer, softer side when dealing with building up Aaron. There's the hidden "management" side that a good leader must have. Know when to yell and know when to support.
  • So far we are pulling for Rock, Julia, and Melissa.
  • One of the guys said that when Ramsay is yelling he has wrinkles like a shar pei. Nope. We go with the English bulldog ... but as one of the girls said, during the infrequent times when we see him smile he is a cutie. (What can I say? This is roomful of girls watching!)

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