Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Gimme a dip of Strawberry-Celery and ... ummm ... one of Sweet Corn and Italian Thorntree Honey

You may never take the kids to Paciugo for veggies. But, this summer, the Dallas-based gelateria is introducing a dozen new flavors that include stealth carrots and beets as well as creative adult combinations based on vegetables and herbs.

For the kids, "sometimes we need to win with appearance first," owner Cristiana Ginatta says. You know: Kids order by color, not flavor. So Banana-Beet entices with its maroon hue, and Banana-Carrot is a cool cantaloupe orange. Like all of Paciugo's gelatos, the colors come from fruits and vegetables, not additives.

Banana trumps, straight up and simple, in these kid-friendly flavors, with just a whisper of veggies.

Not so the adult hybrids. Ms. Ginatta says she started searching for combinations with the most popular fruit flavors: strawberry, mango and banana.

"Then, I looked for a vegetable to pair with these three," she says.
Dallas Morning News (free registration required)
Okaaaaaaay ....

Actually some of the flavors don't sound bad. The Lime Mojito for example sounds like something I could get into. But pecan ice cream with bits of blue cheese? Corn ice cream? Hmmm ... possibly a tiny bit as a palate cleanser but I don't know ...

For the adventurous who live in Dallas and want to give them a try, here are the new flavors:
  • Banana-Beet
  • Banana-Carrot
  • Deep Ellum Blue Pecan
  • Lime Chile Mango
  • Lime Mojito
  • Mango-Cucumber
  • Mediterranean Sea Salt Caramel
  • Orange-Basil
  • Pineapple Mint
  • Strawberry-Celery
  • Sweet Corn and Italian Thorntree Honey

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