Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Fox Bros BBQ

Fox Bros BBQ, a catering company owned and operated by two brothers from Texas, serves the best barbecue I’ve had since I did time in Texas. Pulled pork is available every single night of the week, but I recommend a Wednesday night appointment. That is the one night of the week they drop off dry rubbed ribs and killer brisket, which arrives with a distinct purple ring and spicy dry rub that sets it apart from anything else I’ve ever encountered in Atlanta.
Remember those ribs and sauce that Chris gave us at Christmas? Well, though he's not making BBQ in Atlanta, Chris is a Fox brother and, therefore, connected. I've gotta say those were some of the best ribs ever. It's nice to see that Chris' brother is getting the recognition he deserves, which isn't too easy if you're a Texan barbecuing in Atlanta.

If you get a chance be sure to try this spot.

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