Friday, July 18, 2008

Now Serving Hot Links ...

  • Everything's coming up ... tomatoes ... at How To Cook. From types to freezing to peeling to which canned ones to buy ... an amazing resource.

  • Dispatches from Afghanistan Sam: How to Buy, Slaughter and Spit-Roast a Sheep ... I think that title pretty much says it all. With photos. Enjoy!

  • What do the Chinese really eat at home? World Foodie Guide clues us in with Cantonese Home Cooking. That Chicken and Potato Stew looks pretty good and I have printed it out to try.

  • How Local Can You Realistically Go? Barbara at Tigers & Strawberries has a wonderful example of how to take a down-to-earth look at your meals before patting yourself on the back for local buying. Also an interesting report of farmers' efforts to provide more basic foods locally.

  • Nuts Online ... Siggy reports:
    Great quality. Third order and stuff is top notch.

    The coffees are great as well.

    I just rec'd 300 bucks worth of stuff- -worth every penny and way better and cheaper than whole foods type stores.

    The sun dried tomatoes are what I imagine your cinammon buns taste like.
    That flatterer! But I am going to check out this resource.

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