Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend Joke

Via Coffee Klatch.
A newly-married wife, trying to impress her husband, woke up early to make him breakfast. She made bacon and eggs, toast, and juice, and brought him breakfast in bed.

He was very appreciative and enjoyed it, and said, “This is really good, but it’s not like Mom used to make.”

The next day, she arose earlier, made an omelet with his favorite ingredients, cut the crusts off the toast and served it with marmalade, and squeezed some fresh orange juice, and brought it to him in bed.

He was surprised and ate every bit, but said, “This is great, but it’s not like Mom used to make.”

Frustrated, the young bride got up even earlier the next day, cooked eggs benedict, baked scones, and made sure to strain all the pulp out of the freshly-squeezed orange juice.

“Wow! This is terrific, but it’s not like Mom used to make.”

Now she was angry. The next day she burned the toast, left the scrambled eggs runny, and left seeds in the orange juice, thinking, “This will fix him!”

He got the meal, took one bite, and said, “Now THIS is like Mom used to make!”
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