Wednesday, May 14, 2008

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The New York Times food section has a story about those who get creative with food carving. A fun piece with a nice slide show of sample carvings.

How to Render Lard
Homesick Texan not only uses "the L word" but tells us how to do it ourselves. Mmmm, lard ...

Basic Cooking Advice
Both of the girls will be in their own apartments next fall. I will be giving each of them a notebook with best loved "home cooking" but they will also need a basic cookbook and such things. When fellow food lover Siggy sent me a link to Start Cooking blog the timing seemed perfect. This is a wonderful resource for those exploring the world of cooking for the first time, with videos, printable "recipe cards" and more. Check it out.

Hunger in Burma
Problem is, they already were hungry. I remember years ago meeting a young man named Etan employed at a restaurant in the tourist town of Kyaiktiyo. He worked seven days a week to earn $7 a month. He slept in the restaurant dining room, “on that table, only one blanket and one pillow,” he said. He sent money home to help feed his mother and three sisters.
For Karen at Rambling Spoon the plight of the Burmese is not simply intellectual. She's been there and gives us a personal view.

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