Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sad About SAD

No, not Seasonal Affective Disorder (you know, that condition that makes you depressed when the light lessens in the fall), but the Standard American Diet. Half-Baked Sourdough talks horse sense here.
Just because the test rats don't die immediately from the ersatz diet doesn't mean the fake food is safe for humans to eat for the rest of their lives. Take a look at the shelves of the grocery store next time you are in there, and see how much shelf space is taken up by items that are manufactured from beginning to end. The problem is, humans are still made the old-fashioned way, and the old-fashioned diet is still necessary. Like original manufacturer's parts for your great old "Muscle Car," we need to be eating the things that made grandma and grandpa tougher than old boots and live to ripe old ages.

Years ago, our parents and grandparents ate wholesome, natural diets loaded with animal fats: butter, cream, lard, tallow, and all variations in between. They ate foods that could be identified as "living" at a specific time, just before being consumed. They didn't drop dead from heart failure, complications of diabetes, hypertension, or cancer. They were killed off by accidents and/or infectious disease and old age. It's probably safe to say that it wasn't their diet that killed them in those days.

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