Monday, September 05, 2005

Now Serving Hot Links

For those unfamiliar with the story, in 2003, Powell was a secretary living in Queens. Nearing 30 and hating her job, with little (she thought) to show for her life, she embarked on her epic cooking project in order to, as she wrote, “save myself from giving up entirely to dreariness and mediocrity.” With her profanity-laced blog detailing the daily struggles of cooking like Julia, Powell soon won the hearts of thousands of readers, and, by the end of the project, was fielding interview requests from NPR, CNN, the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. With that kind of built-in media attention, a book deal was inevitable.
Read the whole story here. I guess other sorts of bloggers have book deals come up but I really am fascinated at the way food bloggers always have that in the back of their minds (not that Powell did but you see it mentioned an awful lot on various foodie sites). Via Saute Wednesday.

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