Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Dark Chocolate Digestive

Something that has always impressed me is the fierce loyalty shown by those who prefer the dark chocolate variant of the Chocolate Digestive. Despite being in the minority, they behave in a somewhat superior way, believing that only they, the elite, can appreciate the true chocolate biscuit, a dark chocolate biscuit. The usual implication is that dark chocolate is for grown-ups...

If that were as far as it went that would be fine. However, all too often the dark chocolate faction can't help but pass of their opinions as facts. Where a harmless 'I prefer the dark chocolate ones' would suffice, they have to push it with provocative statements such as 'The dark chocolate ones are best'. This is tantamount to spoiling for a fight. However, most people will let it go, as the votes have been counted and the dark chocolate guys lost so it's not worth coming to blows.
For those who have never had the pleasure of trying a McVitie's Digestive, whether plain or chocolate covered, don't be put off by the "digestive" in the name. It is a delicious graham cookie, one of the best around as testified to by the fact that we will plunk down almost any amount of money to keep the house stocked with them. As for which digestive I prefer ... naturally, the dark chocolate (just to keep on being difficult, don't cha know?).

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