Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's only potatoes, you say. No. It isn't. [UPDATED]

And my sis has the whole story why at her blog, The Guideline.

Guess what?

I already was planning on making those potatoes. Haven't had them for years but they are "on my palate" whenever I think of the roast pork I am planning.

Our family is definitely on the same page.

The recipe is freestyle. Check comments for Lisa's version and for mine.


coffeemom said...

so you can't link or tempt without telling how you all make them to make them SOOOO special that the kids will do anything/workwise for them! Spill please! I know how to make the basic version...but does your family version have any faboo twist? Curious! and thinking of using for our Christmas eve (that's our special one) dinner......

Lisa said...

Well I can't guarantee that your kids will work for them...maybe mine are just weird. However, I throw in salt, white pepper, butter, sour cream, a couple of pressed garlic cloves (so that the pieces are very small) and buttermilk. The sour cream now doesn't seem to have the tang that sour cream used to. So I use it to loosen them up a little bit. Of course top them with more butter and paprika!

Julie said...

My variation of the family potatoes are salt, pepper, a bit of butter, a bit more sour cream and minced onion (not a lot, but just enough to give a subtle crunch and essence of onion occasionally). I never use buttermilk (good one, sis) but I often substitute full fat, Greek yogurt for the sour cream. It has just a touch more tang, although not much. So perhaps that recreates the olden days version from our childhood.

Oh, and use baked potatoes, of course. Add enough of the other things to make it both taste good and a bit loose since it'll stiffen up some when it sits in the fridge overnight.

It's one of those "go by feel" dishes.

Anonymous said...

Julie and Lisa, it's Mom. I was around when the family potatoes were created, and the term "bit of butter" was NOT in your father's vocabulary. You're right about the sour cream needing to be tangy. Certain brands seem better than others but I do think that the tang of yogurt and/or buttermilk are good choices. The tiny bits of onion are essential, too!