Friday, September 05, 2008

Fine Art Friday

La Chevre et Le Chou from Paris Daily Photo

Not content to merely give us this charming photo from Paris, of all the unlikely-seeming places, he tells us a bit of background as well.
No, it's not usual to come across a goat and a cabbage in the middle of Paris ! I simply spotted this cute little scene in front of a restaurant in the 15th arrondissement (235 bis rue Saint Charles more precisely) called La chèvre et le chou (the goat and the cabbage). The funny part - well, if you're interested in improving your French - is that this name is also a pretty common expression that we use when we're in a situation where we have to please two opposite parties. I believe the translation in English would be "To have one's cake and eat it too".
Anyone who loves Paris as I do but gets there very rarely (also, sadly, as I do) will really enjoy this blogger's photos and comments.

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