Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Well Said!

When did it become sinful to fulfill a natural biological necessity for one’s survival? A person should not feel guilty about eating food -- unless they eat too much of it and be guilty of gluttony. People should feel guilty about sin. It is as if the bar that was set to judge one’s degree of guilt in the heart is no longer determined by the amount, nature, or degree of sin or sins one commits, but instead, by today’s standards, a guilty heart is the result of a high calorie diet. Since when did it become the case that the lower one’s caloric intake means the less guilty and sinful one is, while the higher one’s caloric intake means the contrary? With this line of reasoning one would assume that the starving in Africa are the pure and righteous of the world, while every person who dines on a Thickburger from Hardee’s is surely one bite from eternal damnation.
Paul at Alive and Young puts his finger on a lot of the problem in making food a social topic the way that some do. Don't get me wrong ... I'm all for conservation of the environment, ethical treatment of animals ... heck, I even buy organic more and more all the time. It's just that I see it taken too far a lot of the time in commentary.

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