Friday, April 25, 2008

Now Serving Hot LInks ...

The Lost Ravioli of Hoboken
Tea and Cookies gives a great review. This already was on my reading list after hearing an interview with the author but reading Tea's subsequent venture into ravioli making is the icing on the cake ... now I must get that book!

It's Too Darned Hot
Barbara at Tigers & Strawberries has some very good observations on the recent trend to broadcast celebrity chefs swearing like sailors. Be sure to click through to the NY Times story that prompted her thoughts on the subject.

Cooking for Pope Benedict
I have a school friend in Italy who designs ceramic tiles and plates. I called and asked if he could do this in time. He said he could, so I flew to Minori, Italy, my birthplace. I told him I needed a 12-inch plate with the Vatican logo in the center. At the same time I wanted to create something that showed my dedication to my Catholic upbringing and my cultural background. So I decided each plate would be hand-painted with the logo in the center surrounded by a traditional blue ornate leafy floral border, characteristic of my region. Inscribed on the back of each plate are the following words: "On occasion of the 81st birthday of His Holiness Benedetto XVI, Apostolic Nunciature, Washington, D.C., April 16, 2008." There were 24 plates, all individually crafted. The pontiff's plate was larger, about 16 inches, and was decorated with a gold and blue leafy floral design.
Franco Nuschese hosted the Pope's birthday lunch for the Apostolic Nunciature. Think he was excited about it? That wasn't the only set of plates he had designed. Check it out. Via The Anchoress.

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