Thursday, April 10, 2008

Product Review: Snapple Anti-Oxidant Water

Me, I'm old-school. If I want vitamins, I take a tablet (if not actually upping the quantity of fruits and vegetables in my diet, which is my really preferred old-school way).

If I want water, I turn on the faucet.

So I'm not really Snapple's market. Although I do laugh every time I see it drunk on 30 Rock, especially after the episode about gratuitous marketing plugs on television (Snapple is a very good sport, I must say).

I also like their ad ... check it out above.

When Snapple sent me a sampler of their variously flavored anti-oxidant water, I thought it only fair to test with my contacts in their true market ... high school and college age kids.

Before the college kids got out of the house with their samples, we discovered a crucial factor ... these bottles don't bounce when dropped ... they shatter. So I can tell you that our boxer liked one flavor (can't remember which it was) very well as we enlisted her aid in cleaning the floor.

The high schoolers' reactions:
  • one person thought it tasted like medicine (that was for the Dragonfruit flavor)
  • two thought it wasn't flavorful enough (rather watery was their reaction ... fair enough since it is water)
  • two people liked it fine (these were non "vitamin water" drinkers)
  • the last person liked it a lot (this was the only regular "vitamin water" drinker in the crowd).
The college kids' reactions:
  • Hannah- It tastes like watered-down juice. I would like it if it had more substance. It isn't that bad, though, and I could at least drink it if I really wanted to, which is way better than Gatorade.
  • Jenny- I enjoyed this beverage because it has an interesting taste that is not overpowering. It's not too sweet, like some other beverages. Delicious!
  • Cindy- I enjoy this loads more than other flavored waters (ex. Lemon Dasani) The grape-pomegranate combination is unexpected, but tasty (especially the pomegranate). I like it a lot and would rather have it in a nearby vending machine over some sodas.
So overall, the consensus seems to be: Snapple's water is good!

My only comment would be that if you want to get vitamins in your water, this is probably a fine way to do it. One would be wise to remember that is it not noncaloric though.

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