Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Travel and Food ... the Perfect Match

Justin sent me this heads up about Food Tours which makes it all too easy to eat your way through some great destinations. At least they're walking tours ... so you have a way to work it off at the same time.

We do all too little traveling but if Rose winds up in Chicago for college, I can see a walking tour in my future...
I realized that you - and your readers - might appreciate our Food Tours page, which profiles five terrific culinary walking tours from around the country. From the page, you can click to read thousands of unedited reviews written by people who have been on the tours.

Every tour is owned and operated by an individual who shares your passion for great food. Kelly, Michele, Shane, Shirley, and Todd are experts on the culinary specialties of their respective cities, and each is dedicated to sharing that knowledge with others. These tours and individuals also represent what we at Zerve are all about: connecting customers searching for great ways to spend their time with providers of unique, high quality, local activities, such as food tours, sailing trips, and interactive theater, among others.

Three of the tours were recently featured in an AP article that ran in a variety of news outlets, including USA Today, MSNBC and As you can see, USA Today included a link to this page, titled "U.S. food tours", in this article.

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