Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Potato Chowder

It isn't cold enough here in Texas for this delicious looking chowder from my friend Marcia, but I bet there are some cold spells going through further north. If so, give this a try
Here is the recipe....I should say list of ingredients. Everything is according to how much you make and how much seasoning you prefer. I had forgotten it was this way.

Potato Chowder

(approximate measurements)
potatoes - peeled and diced, 5 lbs.
onion diced, 2 medium
celery chopped, 4 stalks w/chopped leaves
carrots sliced in small pieces, 1 lb.
butter, 1 stick
parsley chopped as a condiment w/serving
grated cheese, 1-1/2 cups
cream style corn, 1 can
milk, 16 ozs.or more w/ some cream
bacon, 1/2 to 1lb., fried crisp and crumbled

Cover potatoes, onion, carrots, celery, salt and pepper with water and cook until tender(really falling apart) add butter, milk, cheese and simmer until cheese and butter melt and flavors blend. (Stirring periodically.) Add bacon and parsley, after blending all the other ingredients with electric stirring stick or hand mixer. This is a very hearty soup. Enjoy!

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