Monday, April 09, 2007

I Need to Make Fruit Salad More Often

I did a lot of cooking for Easter.

I baked a Kuby's double smoked ham (butt end) on the bone. With this I also served:
And then I set out various mustards and some sweet-hot pickles.

Everything disappeared at a good rate, except the fruit salad. I was surprised at that. I thought it looked pretty and tempting. Ah well. Their loss.

I brought some for lunch and I almost couldn't quit eating in time to save Tom's share.

My method for fruit salad is always the same.
  1. Choose your fruit. (I picked a fresh pineapple and some tart but sweet purple seedless grapes.)
  2. Cut it up. I cut the pineapple in chunks and halved the grapes (thinking that some grape juice would make a nice flavoring).
  3. Mix in the juice of half a tart orange, some sugar to taste and a little orange liqueur (we had Cointreau on hand).
This is probably the most off-the-cuff thing that I make and based on my lunch experience I definitely have to get back in the habit. There is something about the variety and contrasts that is so much more appealing than an apple by itself.

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