Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy Year of the Dog

Some Chinese food traditions and symbolism via Slashfood.
  • Dumplings - Good luck, fortune, and family togetherness
  • Lettuce - Prosperity
  • Noodles - When noodles are served, they are never cut because long noodles represent long-life.
  • Oysters - Receptivity to good fortune
  • Seaweed - Specifically, the black moss seaweed is the Chinese word for it also means "wealth"
  • Whole fish - The Chinese word for fish "yu," is the same word for "success" or "abundance." Serving the fish whole is a symbol of togetherness of the family.
  • Turnips - "Cai tou," the word for turnip, also means "good omen."
  • Meat balls - Symbolize reunion because the Chinese word "rou wan" is the same for both
  • Chicken - Like fish, chickens are served whole to symbolizing togetherness of the family.
  • Lotus seed - Is a symbol (or wish) of having many male offspring
  • Ginkgo nuts - Represent wealth
  • Dried bean curd - Like many of the foods that are served because the Chinese word for it also means something else, dried bean curd (tofu) symbolizes wealth and happiness
  • Bamboo shoots - The word for bamboo shoots also sounds like the phrase for "wishing that everything would be well"
  • Garlic chives - Symbolize "everlasting"
  • Prawns - Stand for liveliness and happiness
  • Mixed vegetables - Represent family harmony
  • Oranges - We've already mentioned how they stand for abundance and sweetness of the New Year.

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