Monday, November 21, 2005

Culinary Confessions

This is something that swept through the cooking blog world recently and, although I call this a cooking blog, it actually is the kitchen for Happy Catholic. Which leaves me feeling rather disconnected from the cooking blog world, largely an observer with little interaction. And that's ok. Heaven only knows I get plenty of interaction in the Christian/Catholic blogging world.

However, this is where my true "foodie" impulses show themselves, in the items that are included on my list of Culinary Confessions. Reading through others' lists I felt the strongest connection with David Lebovitz and Cooking with the Headhunter. These lists really tell you the attitude that everyone takes toward cooking and their kitchens. I am putting my confessions here and you will find links to other confessions at the bottom should you be interested in the deep, dark secrets of the cooking blog world.
  1. I wash mushrooms in running water.
  2. I use pre-ground pepper in recipes.
  3. I use pre-ground coffee.
  4. I like Velveeta ...
  5. and American cheese ...
  6. and Spam (the edible kind, though I know that is a topic for debate!) ...
  7. and Cool Whip ...
  8. and instant mashed potatoes.
  9. I hate meringue on pies.
  10. I am fascinated by recipes that use mixes or soup, though I often don't like the results. (But I keep trying them)
  11. I don't sift. Anything.
  12. I buy cauliflower for the sole purpose of letting it take up space, turn brown, and then be thrown away (or so an impartial observer would think).
  13. I hate it when guests show up with food to a dinner party (unless that has been pre-arranged somehow).
  14. I hate cooking in someone's kitchen when the knives are dull and there isn't one decent saucepan (and you'd be surprised at how many of those there are ... when going to my mother-in-law's I take my own knives with me).
  15. I love the idea of organic food but rarely pony up the cash for it (except for milk and chicken ... don't ask me why I do it for those and not anything else).
  16. I judge people by what I see in their shopping carts (which means I have to hide my Velveeta and American cheese and Spam and Cool Whip under larger items in my cart).
  17. My food must be hot (and it is surprising just how many people in my own family do not understand what that means).
  18. I like being tipsy but not drunk (a very fine line, I realize, but one that makes all the difference).
  19. Often I'll chop by hand to avoid having to wash the Cuisinart later.
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