Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Just for Fun: Diner Lingo

A few choice phrases ...
  • Adam and Eve on a Raft:
    Two poached eggs on toast (and Wreck 'em: = Scrambled eggs)

  • Black and White:
    Chocolate soda with vanilla ice cream

  • Checkerboard:

  • Cowboy with Spurs:
    Western omelet with French fries

  • Hold the Grass:
    Sandwich without lettuce

  • Ice on Rice:
    Rice pudding with ice cream

  • Splash out of the Garden:
    Bowl of vegetable soup

  • Twist It, Choke It, Make it Cackle:
    Chocolate malted milkshake with egg

  • Noah's boy on bread:
    Ham sandwich
(from Jitterbuzz.com)

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