Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Salsa Mac 'N' Cheese

When I did a little lagniappe episode featuring Velveeta on my podcast, Forgotten Classics, I promised to link to this recipe. Only to discover I never shared it.

Not surprisingly, this recipe came from the Pace Picante Sauce website. It is one our family's favorite dishes. Easy, quick, and tasty. Though, you must like Velveeta. Which we do!

Salsa Mac ‘n’ Cheese
Step 1:
    1    pound extra-lean ground beef
Brown beef; drain.

Step 2:
    1    16-ounce jar Pace Picante (chunky salsa)
    2    cups water
    7    ounces dried elbow macaroni
Stir in all. Simmer, covered 10-15 minutes until macaroni is tender.

Step 3:
    12    ounces Velveeta, cut up
Add and stir till melted.


Diana said...


Mack said...

Happy Catholic, another good cold-weather treat: sophomores. They go so well with habanera sauce and tater tots.

Julie D. said...


Mack said...

Well, freshmen are a little gristly, and juniors carry too much fat, while seniors are full of chemicals and preservatives.

Julie D. said...

You goofball! :-D

Mack said...


Life is good.

Julie D. said...

I guess that leaves us with the question of whether life is as good as sophomores?

Mack said...

Sophomores are rather like dachshund puppies, amusing but difficult to house-train.