Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tips & Tricks: Side to Side Whisking

I like to whip cream using a whisk instead of my Kitchen Aid mixer.

There's something tactile about watching the cream change as I whisk it around. And to my mind it makes less to wash up after. Though that's probably not really true. But it's stuck in my head, so there you go.

I was interested when the July/August Cook's Illustrated has a piece on The Best Way to Use a Whisk.

It turns out that "side-to-side" works best. Much better, in fact, than the standard beating action we've all been taught. There's a lot of scientific talk about "shear force" and suchlike, and you can pick up a copy to get all the scoop.  I made a Pavlova last weekend and whipping up that cream with a back and forth action was definitely easy.

I also must put in a word here for Trader Joe's heavy cream. They've got really great dairy products, including a cottage cheese that is better than any of the regular stores. And their whipping cream is a nice thick and delicious product.

More about that Pavlova to come ...


Anonymous said...

I, too, love TJ's cottage cheese (and TJ's yogurt, and TJ's OJ and...). But, Julie, several years ago I sent a check to the company that you recommended for its exceptional canned tuna, and the company never responded. Sigh. I do appreciate your blogs, though -- that never changes. Thank you.
Best wishes always --

Julie Davis said...

Sorry about the tuna experience. :-)

They discontinued selling to the public which was disappointing. I now buy the Wild Planet Wild Albacore.