Monday, March 04, 2013

Now That's Tasty ...

A quick heads-up for two products that we've been enjoying a lot.

Blue Plate Mayonnaise
I never heard of Blue Plate before until Cook's Illustrated did a tasting that placed Hellman's, our household standard, in third place. Frankly, I'd been unhappy lately about the change in Hellman's texture which has become less like real homemade mayonnaise (yes, I used to make it all myself, folks) and more goopy.

I'd seen their #2 pick, Duke's, praised and tried it out some time ago but was unimpressed. There was some odd aftertaste, or was it an odor, that bothered me.

I kept an eye out for Blue Plate and was both surprised and gratified to find it at Krogers of all places.

I was also very gratified to find it was more like the homemade mayonnaise I'd always loved, with a faint tang of lemon underlying the main flavor.

HEB Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream
Like Matt, I feel like a mega-jerk for reviewing an ice cream that is not available everywhere, but I just had to tell you about HEB's limited edition Mexican Chocolate. We don't have an HEB around here, more's the pity, but we do have their high end grocery, Central Market.

I love their HEB brand ice cream and have always wished they carried more than four or five flavors. Saturday I noticed a few Limited Edition brands and tried the Mexican Chocolate. It is a creamy milk chocolate with a swirl of thick cinnamon syrup (that is the consistency of a frozen chocolate syrup swirl). It packs a cinnamony punch that blends perfectly with the mild, sweet chocolate. If you can get your hands on this, try it out.


Margaret E. Perry said...

This is so funny. I was just going to write a blog post about artisanal mayo that sells for $7 a jar.

I am all in favor of handcrafted artisanal products (I mean, I make/sell jam!). And I get having a store front, because basically they have a commercial kitchen with a small store front.

The thing I really don't get, though, is that mayo is so easy to make, and so vastly superior when homemade.

But, question for you: when you made it homemade, did you make big batches and save it for a few weeks? That's always my hang-up about making it: it doesn't last long enough.

Julie D. said...

Actually I did. When I lived alone mayo would last a long time. The only reason I stopped was that my husband is super-picky about mayonnaise. Go figure. I had to go with a store brand once I got married. (It was a good trade off, don't get me wrong ... but I'm just sayin' :-D)