Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Celebrate: Andrew Kim Taegon and the Korean Martyrs

To honor the courage and fortitude of the Korean martyrs, today you might help develop these virtues among your family members, by serving them Kim-chee, the Korean national dish. It's made of cabbage that has been buried in a jar, in a sauce of extraordinarily hot pepper, to rot until it ferments. Served as a side dish at almost every Korean meal, it is decidedly an acquired taste (especially with your morning coffee). Force yourself, your spouse, and each one of your kids to heat a healthy portion. It will build character and prepare you for any kind of persecution. Whatever happens today, it won't be as painful as breakfast.
I have never been brave enough to try kim-chee. Not only have the descriptions frightened me but I also have only eaten at a Korean restaurant once so my exposure has necessarily been limited.

If you want to celebrate and go a less stoic route, I know that the Koreans love beef, especially BBQ. Now that speaks right to any red-blooded American's heart, especially those living in Texas. Take a look around here for Korean recipes to try. I might even get brave enough to try kim-chee after taking a look at these different types.

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