Monday, June 12, 2006

Oat Bannocks for St. Columba's Day

This is a little late but still worth noting. We can begin working on those oat bannocks now so that we're ready next year.
By coincidence, today (9th June) is St. Columba's Day (patron saint of shepherds). In rural Scotland this was traditionally marked by the baking of an oatmeal, barleymeal or rye bannock - one of the few food stuffs that Columba allowed himself in his monastry on the island of Iona. The bannock would contain a coin and was shared between the children of the household. Whoever had the slice of bannock with the coin 'won' the job of looking after the new lambs for the next year (a prize coveted by children, for it meant that they were being granted great responsibility - better than a iPod, eh kids?).
Baking for Britain has the recipes, photos, and a whole lotta history. Check it out.

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