Monday, April 11, 2011

Food in Science Fiction and Fantasy

That is the latest topic under discussion at SFFaudio where Scott and Jesse welcome guest Luke Burrage. I can't wait to listen to this one. Two of my favorite topics being discussed by three of my favorite people!

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Unknown said...

Left Ear of Gorn

Description: Description:

Gorn left ears are sautéed quickly (least they become rubbery) in butter and herbs then flambéed in Saurian brandy to form a sauce. Served on a bed of Antedean flavored couscous. The left ear of a Gorn is absolutely the only edible part, inside or out. Quite tasty really, if a bit chewy. For some reason the right ear is tough and the cochlear fluids impart an unpleasant taste. (Some say they sleep on their right side.) We use only the freshest Gorn and immediately transport them live into space, then beam them right back to the restaurant and while they are still at cryogenic temperature smash them into tiny pieces with a sledgehammer, extract the left ears and beam the rest back into space. While StarShip captains may demur and spare the life of a Gorn opponent, we say let your palate be the judge! We also make a dessert version of this dish. Why not try both? Much has been written – pro and con – about the ethics of this, one of our most controversial dishes, as it features the flesh of a “sentient” being. (This last point is debatable.)