Friday, October 17, 2008

"Where are the Dallas food bloggers?"

This was the question that Jessie had when we were introduced at a party last weekend ... "You and Jessie need to talk. She's a food blogger!"

Indeed Jessie is a food blogger and much above the level that is held to around here. For one thing, she takes the most gorgeous photos of the results after she cooks. That makes Body and Soul Food a glorious and informative place to visit.

For instance, the above photo is the first time I've ever seen anything to interest me in anything cooked in "Crazy Water" though I've read many a recipe in Italian cookbooks for such a thing.

I don't know where the Dallas food bloggers are ... there must be others. (Actually I just came across this Foodbuzz listing so that answers one question.)

However, I'm very glad to have met Jessie and to have her lovely and delicious-looking blog to browse. Go check it out.

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