Friday, July 07, 2006

If squash casserole is a virtue, which one would it be?

Who is the Kitchen Madonna?
She is the busy mother of four in small town Oklahoma who makes sure the poor get fed. She is the Southern grandmother who lives alone yet most days cooks family-sized meals for whoever drops by. She is the woman in New York City who always brings something good to eat to her office. She is every woman who knows to serve is to reign.

Kitchen Madonnas tape the Beatitudes to their refrigerators, and they pray when they wash the dishes. Kitchen Madonnas know how to cook a wolf when adversity is knocking at the door. Kitchen Madonnas are behind every party, every reception, every special event. In other words, kitchen madonnas know that food is love.

Where are the 21st century Kitchen Madonnas? Where are the women who take the time to create a home, cook for others, and offer their receptive feminine genius to the world weary?

If you find one, try to keep her.
I think that many of us know kitchen madonnas. Many of us strive to be kitchen madonnas.

The particular Kitchen Madonna who wrote that definition also writes equally good and thoughtful essays using food and cooking as a springboard into insights. Check her blog out for plenty of food for thought. You can find more of her articles here.

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