Sunday, May 28, 2006

Now Serving Hot Links

The Food Issue: The NY Times Sunday Book Review is all about food books ... which out-of-print books are people's favorites, reviews of a few new food biographies, and first chapters of four new books.

Carnival of the Recipes: it's a special Memorial Day Edition chock full of great recipes to share with your friends and families during this holiday weekend.

Pasta Cooked Risotto-Style: Chocolate & Zucchini's been experimenting with this technique which supposedly is ancient. Makes sense to me. I used to make a pasta and broccoli dish from Ed Giobbi via Craig Claiborne that used this technique and it was wonderful. Sadly, when broccoli-hating kids came along I quit making it and haven't thought of it until now. Hmmm ... time to pull out those old cookbooks and look it up. (Yes, I care less about their broccoli-hating now, insensitive mother that I am.)


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