Thursday, June 02, 2005

Hell's Kitchen

Call it light summer entertainment. Call it an interest in cooking. Call it a desire to see if Gordon Ramsay is really as horribly cruel as we'd heard in the reviews. We taped and finally watched the first episode of Hell's Kitchen.

We did think it was pretty unfair to make the teams work in an opening restaurant the very first day of the show without more than two hours of training. We did not think that Gordon Ramsay was unnecessarily cruel. I've read enough "behind the scenes" kitchen exposés to know how crazy chefs can be. The smearing of the dinner plate on people's chests if the dish wasn't right was rather dramatic, but whatever. And, it did seem to bring out the best and worst in people, especially if you consider that the best person from the red team was a mother who has never cooked professionally at all. She had a willing and humble attitude and it took her far.

Also, I liked the fact that Ramsay was unremittingly cruel to the customers as well as the cooks. Playing no favorites. He also was noticably kinder to people who were humble or obviously afraid. Not nice. Just kinder than he was to the others.

We'll no doubt tune in again to see what happens.

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